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2011 Closing Weekend at Whistler

It seems almost criminal to close down a ski hill as good as Whistler with a 3.5m base. But that’s what happened on the last weekend of April of this epic La Nina season. While the Telus Festival attracted big crowds, drinking seemed a bigger attraction than the superb snow conditions. We skied long and hard, lapping Harmony and Symphony Bowls virtually all weekend, with occasional excursions to the Peak and even a top-to-bottom down a soft, bumpy and absolutely deserted  Peak-to-Creek. Crowds? They were in the GLC and Tommy Africa’s, leaving us the almost unheard of luxury of skiing straight on to every lift. Now that’s an indulgent skiing weekend of the highest order!

Saturday 11900m, Sunday  7400m vert

Season totals:

63 days, 22 powder days, 536,800m vertical


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