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Crazy Spring Bachelor Weekend

Mid-April, Friday morning, it’s dumping snow. 4-8 inches of light freshies blanket the mountain. It’s fine skiing. For 2 hours. By noon, it’s raining at the bottom of Northwest, and getting warmer and sloppy up high. After lunch, Northwest closes, it’s raining top to bottom. We drive to Bend at 2pm, soaked.

Saturday morning is damp and soggy. Like skiing inside damp cotton wool. We go in for lunch at noon as huge snow flakes fall like small rocks from the sky. By 3pm we’re skiing 3 inches of creamy freshies everywhere on a totally deserted mountain. We drive down to Bend, somewhat soaked.

Sunday is clear and sunny with 3-5 inches of vanilla-y soft serve everywhere. We luck out about 10.30 as Outback opens, and score 4 runs down untracked dreamy groomers and through the open, old growth forest that makes up so much of Bachelor’s charm. It’s insanely good skiing until it gets too warm by 1pm. We leave about 2pm, dry, tired and smiling ear to ear.

3 days: 7400,  9400,  8900m vert

Season totals:

61 days, 22 powder days, 517,500m vertical

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