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Pow deluge at Jay Peak

Seahawks! Seahawks! Seahawks! The only downer at the end of the Seattle Seahawks amazing win over Green Bay was the rain that started falling about 6.30pm at Jay Peak. Luckily though the forecast was correct, and a quick peek through the Stateside bar window at 8pm revealed wet, heavy snow falling. Monday was going to be a powder day.

And quite a powder day it was. It snowed all night and all day, and as temperatures slowly dropped, the snow turned to super light fluff. The local hucksters hit the pow hard for 2 hours, but by 11am it seemed like there was hardly anyone left skiing. With a brisk wind, it was free refills all day long in the amazing, extensive trees that cling to the flanks of the ski hill. Jay’s tree skiing is Red Mountain-esq. We started on the Bonny chair, where Deliverance was steep, narrow and epic and Canyonlands was deep with constant reloading and huge soft bumps. As one of the locals said, the mountain was still a little ‘boney’, early in the day anyway. By 4pm you had as much chance of hitting hard stuff as finding bones on a sumo wrestler.

The afternoon was spent mostly exploring the endless lines in Beaver Pond Glades and Andres Paradise, ripping ever-fresh bumps through Expo Glades, and getting lost in Everglade and Staircase. It was a ‘crawl off the hill at 4pm’ kinda day. If we have a better one this season, I’ll be very hoppy indeed.

It snowed until late Monday, and we woke up Tuesday morning to blue skies, another 10 inches of 0F pow, and an icy gale on the peaks. This unfortunately kept all but the lower lifts closed all day. We played in the wind blown pow for a few hours, but it was hard to keep warm on slow chairs and green groomers. Ah well – weather does this sometimes.  I suspect Wednesday would have been epic.

9600m, 1800m vert

Season Totals 19 days, 137,300m vertical, 5 Powder days


One response to “Pow deluge at Jay Peak

  1. Olli January 26, 2015 at 10:27 am

    I like the pictures really good. Reminds me a little of “Last Christmas” but the fact that you can make as many sporting activities , is just amazing

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