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No shock really – May pow at Mt Bachelor

It’s been a big snow year at Mt Bachelor. This wasn’t the first time we’ve had May pow there, and I suspect it won’t be the last. For mid May, it was pretty delightful, with 3-5 inches each day on an increasingly mid-winter-like snowpack. These took the season total over 600 inches. Not bad.

Luckily the weather didn’t warm up too much each day to totally wreck the new snow. Some mushy clumping happened on the first day in the chopped up pow, but then the wind started loading the traverse towards the (closed) Summit Chair from Skyliner. It was perfect wind blown pow, free refills every run. That kept us busy until the lifts closed at 1.30pm. And smiling.

The wind dropped and the sun came out finally on Sunday. The Summit terrain was pretty scoured, and only really worthy of a couple of runs, including a decent full (top to bottom) Cow Face. While half the mountain’s small crowd waited for the Summit chair to open, we found the powdery, creamy Spring goods off the open Outback terrain. First tracks on Kangaroo, Ed’s trees, and several laps of fresh lines on Downunder were effortless skiing, ripping through soft Spring pow in the sun.

Welcome to Spring ski season at Mt Bachelor. There will be more before closing at Memorial weekend.

6200m, 7300m vert

68 days, 569,500m vert, 18 powder days





Closing the 2014 season down at Mt Bachelor

A deep late-May base, weather that finally started to resemble Spring and a ton of terrain to play on – it was a fine closing weekend at Bachelor.

Friday started out clear but clouds moved in mid morning, closing the Summit down and restricting us to cruising the lower mountain, which fortunately stayed relatively free of slow, sticky snow.

Saturday and Sunday saw the sun reign, fighting off a few lingering persistent clouds. These kept the temperatures reasonable, and the snow in great shape for most of the weekend. Perfect conditions for end of season costumes, in fact.

After fast early morning groomers, 10am runs runs down Cow Face were epic, carving creamy fresh lines all the way to the cat track. As the sun got higher, hikes to the summit held treasures that “Captain” Jack Sparrow would covet.This was great Spring skiing – finally. And very. very funny  😉

As the lifts closed for the season, we sat in the sun (and strong wind)  at the summit, supped the last drops of a horrible Absinthe, and shredded all the way down to the bar, a few thousand feet below, for some well earned end of season beers. Bring on November …. and here’s the video to keep us going until then.

3 days 9700m, 7900m, 7400m vert

Final Season Totals: 61 days, 504,400m vert

10 powder days, 1 chowda day


Wintery Springtacular at Mt Bachelor

It’s 24F at the base of Mt Bachelor just before 9am on Saturday. There’s 7+ inches of light fresh snow blanketing the mountain, and crowds are light. Fog and moderate wind lie in store at the top of the lifts, but within 30 minutes the Outback and Northwest Express (NWX) chairs are open, creating a vast area of open terrain.

Welcome to May at Mt. Bachelor. The finest Spring skiing in the USA.

I spent 6 days there skiing in the first part of May, and apart from one classic sunny Spring day, replete with Summit laps, cone explorations and slow, progressively sticky snow, the weather was positively unSpring-like. We never saw the Summit chair open again, and strong westerlies kept NWX closed until the last spectacular powder day. 2 days brought heavy but substantial accumulations of new snow, and it all culminated with a winter-quality dumping. Traversing off NWX and dropping down the Western chutes into the trees was absolutely spectacular, with endless fresh lines to score until early afternoon when the low-down snow became heavy. We were like Twitter Trolls having endless fun with Ann Coulter, refusing to stop because it was all just too easy to enjoy.

The cover is great all over the mountain, so you never know, Springtacular might make an appearance for us at Memorial weekend. I hope so …


8200m, 9600m, 9000m, 8200m, 7800m, 7700m vert

Season Totals: 58 days, 479,400m vert

10 powder days, 1 chowda day