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A Day Trip to the Knob

With good snow falls recently in PA, and a warmer day forecast, it seemed a perfect chance to have a day at Blue Knob, the ski hill that sits just above the Village of Frigid (!). The groomers early were in excellent shape, almost west coast sytle soft and carvey, and with light crowds, they held up well during the day. No glades were open (one day they’ll have enough snow – one day), but Extrovert was big bumpy, firm pack gnarliness from top to bottom. It provided excellent skiing, and probably even better entertainment from the chair watching people wipe out in all sorts of creative ways.

With a bit a luck, the forecast snow falls in next week will eventuate and open some of the lower glades. Then it’ll be well worth a return trip. And for those who’ve never been, here’s a little cruise-a-log of the biggest Knob in PA for skiing ….

5300m vert

Season Totals: 22 days, 172,500m vert

2 powder days


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