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Mission Ridge at the end of January

The snow drought continued through  to the last weekend of January. With no massively appealing options, we headed back to our staple, Mission Ridge. Colder east-side temperatures, no rain, and a good chunk of north-facing mountain should have worked wonders during this freeze-thaw cycle.

Our intuition was pretty spot on. There was still excellent snow off anything below Windy Ridge, a good 3/4s of the mountain. Maggi’s, Lemolo, and lower down WaWa and all the tree shots in the vicinity rode well all weekend. Mission’s trademark wind also helped, blowing in new cover to smooth out bumps and soften chopped up crud.

By 3pm Saturday, with a decent amount of very under our belts, it seemed like a good idea to have some comedy. Beer, boots change and time to try teleskiing. The results are here.

I’d have done a third run if my borrowed boots hadn’t cut off all blood circulation to my feet. Maybe another time?

9200m, 8300m vert

Season Totals: 47 days, 20 powder days, 442,700m vert


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