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Weekend at Silver Mountain, Idaho

It’s been a great season at Silver, and this weekend was no exception. Saturday brought 3 new inches of fluffy snow, and much more was easy to find on the north facing slopes where the wind had blown in considerable amounts. The first couple of runs down the 45 degrees+ North Face Glades were in untracked pow, and from the Wardner Traverse, Meadows and Silver Basin were deserted all day (pics here). Perfect in fact for carving sweeping arcs in a few inches of new. We even found fresh lines in the trees off Terrible Edith’s in mid-afternoon. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly busy on the hill.

Sunday brought another inch or two overnight, which kept conditions topped up nicely. Kathy, John and I took advantage of the sunny weather and hiked up Wardner Peak – an easy, 10 minute stroll up a snow-covered service road. We got some deep turns off the top before finding ourselves in somewhat impenetrable trees for a few minutes before we dropped out into the still hardly touched Silver Basin area. I suspect there’s better ways down though. Next time.

They also know how to throw a party at Silver. This weekend was Mardi Gras. The bar at the top of the gondola was quite raucous after 3pm, with sexily-attired waitresses (and Brain the server – pics here!), a good band and wonderful people watching opportunities. The fun continued later in the village at Noah’s, where adventures with an inflatable palm tree, the ubiquitous Brain and a gay cowboy barmen kept us highly amused. You had to be there ….

Saturday 7600m, Sunday 7400m

Season totals so far: 34 days, 17 powder days, 257,700m vertical


One response to “Weekend at Silver Mountain, Idaho

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