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Ripping the Steeps at Red Mountain

A weekend simply isn’t enough to explore the wonders of Red’s unrelenting terrain. If you don’t like steeps, trees and bumps, this is probably not a mountain you want to hang out at for too long. But if you do, it is virtually without peer, packing a punch way beyond its moderate statistics. There are good groomers. We even ripped a few. But there aren’t many.

Saturday dawned chilly and bluebird. Glorious, soft deep snow has blanketed the mountain this winter, creating magnificent conditions. In fact there was as much snow here as I’ve seen on our many visits. We warmed up on Red’s epic fall-line groomers, and then dipped into War Eagle Glades to test out the off piste. Rocks were covered, shrubbery was covered, hell – even most of the cliff bands were covered. What a great run.

I’ll let the pics tell the story of the day.

Sunday wasn’t quite so photogenic, or chilly. There were still wonders to be had though, especially on the shady sides of Granite and Gray. If you avoided anything that had seen substantial sun the day before, the snow remained mostly in primo condition. Of course the north facing areas on Granite – Beer Belly, Booty’s Run, Captain Jack’s Trees – held up best, delivering the fear inducing, exhilarating experiences that  Red Mountain Resort dishes up in spades.

This is a great year to visit Red. I’m not sure we’ll make it back unfortunately. I just hope next year that Ullr is equally generous.

Saturday 8000m, Sunday 8100m vert

Season Totals: 34 days,  281,400m vert, 8 powder days


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