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MLK Weekend at Whistler

It’s weird, as we don’t usually ride Whistler in mid winter. When the whole mountain is actually open. The crowds were even very respectable for a US holiday weekend. And with rather calm, benign weather, it was kind of a luxury to be honest.

With so much terrain, epic and varied terrain in fact, it’s impossible to beat Whistler in North America. There is simply so much superb skiing. Simple delights like a top-to-bottom, deserted,  Peak-to-Creek runs are not possible to replicate on this continent. There’s trees, killer steeps, epic groomers. And in mid season, if you can see it, you can ski it.

Friday we luxuriated in the emptiness, spending a lot of time on the Symphony chair. We played on the numerous lines into Rhapsody Bowl and ducked in and out of Glissando Glades. Low angle tree fun at it best.

Saturday was a Blackcomb day. We got caught in one 10-minute line at 7th Heaven at 10.15am, but apart from that, waiting was no big deal. This was a full mountain exploration day. I really enjoyed Raptor Ride and Where’s Joe, two tree runs on the way to 7th Heaven. It’s a bit of a trek back to Solar Coaster, but this particular Saturday it was well worth it.

Back to Whistler for Sunday. Lots of long groomers (‘coz they were epic) down to Creekside and off the Garbanzo chair. Seppo’s under the lift line was very worthy too, if a bit sketchy down low. Crowds – well, there weren’t any.

And Monday we just ripped Blackcomb groomers, mostly off the Crystal Chair. There were a few excursions into glades like Outer Limits and Log Jam, and the rocky steeps under the chair (no idea what they are called), but basically we just flew on fantastic corduroy with few slow moving obstacles on the runs to avoid. I clicked out of my bindings back at our Wood Run condo at 12.59pm , with over 10Km vert on the GPS. Bummer we had to drive home really.

10,800m, 10, 900m, 11,700m, 10, 100m vert

Season totals 25 days,  205,800m vert, 8 powder days


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