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Rolling in the Deep @ Whistler – 2016/17 starts with a pow deluge

3 days before Thanksgiving, the forecast looked good for Whistler, but there wasn’t a lot of snow on the ground, especially below 1500m. Then on Wednesday it started snowing. And snowing. Rarely stopping before Sunday. By Saturday afternoon the ski outs to both bases were open. In total nearly 2m dumped in 5 days. Like Adele, we were rolling in the deep.

In 3 days we skied nothing resembling a groomer. Just pow, packed pow, chopped pow, and soft powdery bumps. By Saturday, even in the afternoon it was hard to avoid deep untracked powder. It was truly quite a spectacular opening to the season.Saturday morning’s first run down Zig Zag – groomed underneath, knee deep untracked snow on top – was a high-speed snow cloud faceshot run from top to bottom. There might not be too many better than that all season.

Unfortunately, word had got around and lines were big on Friday and Saturday. I think the mountain operations were caught by surprise by the deluge (it wasn’t actually forecast) and they were slow opening up new terrain. I blame the new Vail management and Epic card holders – bastards!!  🙂

Will be back in a week or so. At least the base should be good …

5900m, 5700m, 6100m vert

3 days, 3 powder days, 17,700m vert



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