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Closing Weekend at Whistler

Closing weekend is a fine thing at Whistler. The crowds have gone, the snow is deep and the weather usually highly pleasurable, in a typical mixed up Whistler kind of way. We spent most of the weekend cruising all over Whistler, checking out the free demos at the Roundhouse – in my case, Prior demos. Prior skis are fine things.

Saturday was cooler and it even drizzled a little in the afternoon, which had the curious effect of speeding up the snow late in the day. The Peak fogged in by the afternoon, so we lapped sugary soft bumps on the lower runs down to Garbanzo. It was ripping fun.

Sunday was more traditional Spring, bluebird and a little warmer. We closed down the hill in style, with many runs off Harmony and the Peak chairs, as well a quick excursion to Symphony Bowl. The run down at 4pm was a hoot, fancy dress everywhere, and in one case, no dress at all above the (female) waist. That was a first for me 😉

Spring season started on Monday. It was more like Summer on Blackcomb, meaning early laps of 7th Heaven were the order of the day. As the hungover ex-Whistler employees rolled up by noon, we popped over the top and skied the Blackcomb Glacier. It was a little slow up high, but still a fine, spectacular ride. A shortened day meant we left before it got really hot. Hopefully Spring, and maybe even a tad of Winter, will return soon!


11900, 11600, 6800m vert

Season Totals: 58 days, 466, 600m vert, 23 powder days


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