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Spring in the Cascades – Snoqualmie, Stevens Pass and Mt Hood Meadows

Spring arrived early in the Cascades. It’s not usually so warm in early to mid April. Luckily the base is deep, the scenery magnificent, and there’s some killer good Spring corn to wallow in. Early April we did two day trips from Seattle, hitting a soft and bumpy Snoqualmie Pass and fine, creamy corn day at Stevens Pass.

With the hordes gone from both mountains, you could time your runs perfectly to match the warming snow conditions. It was also my first descent down Double Diamond at Stevens. It’s a steep one, which was covered in big old soft bumps. Epic run. I’d love to hit that one on a powder day. Midweek.

Second weekend in April we headed south to Mount Hood Meadows. Always a favorite after the Portland crowds have gone, there was as much snow as I think I’ve seen here in April. The wonders of Heather Canyon are always the main attraction here, and we managed 3 laps each day before first avi danger closed the lift and second a sticky run out sent us high.

After lunch Sunday we scored some superb corn on the runs off Cascade. It lasted 6 laps before the Spring sun turned it to much. We were like hipsters in a Goodwill store, charging relentlessly to find more wondrous goods. I even hucked a cornice. In a dress. And there was a girl in a bikini in the terrain park. Just stood around. It was that kind of day.

Snoqualmie: 5800m vert

Stevens Pass: 8400m vert

Mt Hood Meadows: 8100m, 6400m vert

Season Totals: 55 days, 436, 300m vert, 23 powder days


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