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Spring Saturday, Winter Sunday at Crystal Mountain

Winter weekend crowds mean we avoid Crystal Mountain like a Donald Trump rally. Those Seattle-based hordes mean crowded everything all weekend long. But by mid March the crowds are playing baseball and golk, and on most years the skiing is still fabulous. This Saturday saw the 500 inches for the season broken – thanks El Nino!! There’s as much snow as I’ve seen at Crystal in 15 years.

Saturday was Spring. Great groomers, and some tasty remnants on north facing aspects from the previous day’s storm. Powder Bowl was excellent. So was Paradise Bowl and the steep-sometimes-groomed run into Snorting Elk ripped all weekend. Half way down Bear Pits was where winter snow turned to ball-y, solid crud. Those last few turns weren’t my favorites of the weekend.

It started drizzling late Saturday night but by Sunday morning it was snowing steadily to the base, with a couple of inches on out truck. Squalls moved in and out all day  topping up the excellent conditions. Sunday was as empty as I’ve seen Crystal for many years, which just meant more pow for us. First groomer pow off the Forest Queen. Then pow off the north facing lines that run back in to Green Valley and Snorting Elk Bowl.

Conditions warranted a couple of runs into Northway, where wind was constantly loading Paradise Bowl and serving up fantastic conditions. After lunch we timed a run down Powder Bowl in a cloud. White on white on a 50 degrees slope isn’t may favorite, but at least the snow quality was excellent.

Great ski hill. Great conditions. Absolutely fantastic weekend.

Saturday 10,100m, Sunday 8200m vert

Season Totals: 51 days, 407, 600m vert, 23 powder days


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