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Mid March at Snoqualmie and Mt Bachelor

This has been a wild old fluctuating winter, but not one that has been short on snow. A Mid-March powder day at Snoqualmie on a surprisingly quiet Sunday was a fine thing. The low base meant things got a tad heavy by noon, but the steeps skied well all day.

By the following weekend, a big old high pressure had set in and it was serious Springtime at Mt Bachelor. Freeze-thaw cycles meant the west side of the volcano was frozen solid until early afternoon. On days like this, start at Sunrise and Cow Face on the east side of the Summit, and follow the sun. We were guiding a beginner Hobbit skier so vert wasn’t huge. But neither were the crowds. Really no lift lines all weekend.

There’s so much to love about Spring skiing! But I suspect Winter might return before teh season is out.

Snoqualmie 7900m

Bachelor 7500m, 7500m vert

Season Totals: 49 days, 389, 300m vert, 22 powder days




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