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Welcoming 2016 at Mission Ridge

The Godzilla El Nino-defying conditions continue to prevail in the Pacific Northwest. We spent 4 fantastic days at Mission Ridge over New Year. Very cold and clear weather for 3 days kept the conditions pretty darn primo. And Sunday brought a surprise powder day – it was all really rather fine. And totally deserted. The views weren’t bad either.

Mission has an excellent (50+ inches) base for early January with only a few tree tops protruding from some steeper slopes causing any inhibitions. Highlights were perennial favorites like Maggie’s, Bomber Bowl, WaWa trees – these are Crystal Mountain steep – and a plethora of wonderful groomers.

A little snow fell during the following week, so we headed back for another clear, cold weekend of ripping creamy groomers and chalky, steep bumps. December’s storms seem to have abated for a while, but as long as it stays cold and we keep getting a few top ups of snow, January is going to be a fine month at Mission Ridge.

New Years Eve 6600m, New Year Day 9100m, Saturday 9300m, Sunday 7200m vert,

Following Saturday 9100m, Sunday 7700m vert

Season Totals: 20 days, 152,400m vert, 10 powder days




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