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Powder Weekend at Mission Ridge

It was about 10.30 Saturday morning at Mission. Already two or so inches of pow had come down, and while stood at the top of the Tillikum run, I heard some locals say ‘this is already better than any time last season’. I don’t normally give credence to idle ski hill gossip, but this was convincing as it was the third such comment I’d heard in an hour. The conditions were in fact very good, and getting better every minute. And last season must have been terrible indeed – a good one to miss 🙂

It pretty much snowed from 9am Saturday until 10am Sunday. Good early conditions were transformed to a ‘free refills every run’ powder day by early Saturday afternoon. This was superb skiing – there were so few people and so much snow you could leave fresh tracks on groomers by mid afternoon. Every run.

By Sunday 13+ inches had come down. Unfortunately Sunday morning suffered the Barwin Curse of the Liberator quad remaining stationary due to weather. Luckily The Curse broke by noon, and while most of the pow was crusted by the wind, the groomers and off piste areas protected from the wind were primo.

This storm will have done wonders to the ski hill base. If the weather doesn’t get crazy El Nino warm and wet, Mission could have a pretty good season. It’s certainly looking promising right now, but El Nino years are about as predictable as the GOP primaries, and sometimes a lot less entertaining. Keep those fingers and toes crossed everyone, and drink Ullr with vigor!!

Saturday 8800m, Sunday 5700m vert

Season totals: 6 days, 46,400m vert, 1 powder day




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