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Day 1 2016 at Mt Baker

November 20th – Day 1, and Mt Baker’s second day of operations, was a not one to snip at. In fact, with the Godzilla El Nino looming over the next few months, no decent ski days should be snipped at right now. The storms from the last week had left Baker with a 35-60 inch base, plenty to open a chunk of this mountain’s less extreme terrain. And every chair ride, all solo apart from 2, gave opportunities to soak in the magnificent mountainous landscape of the North Cascades. Mt Baker is truly tucked away in a stunning location.

It’s always interesting to ski big bouldery mountains with an early season snow pack. Runs that are flat mid-season pitch and roll over and around the huge rocks that lie beneath. I guess there were a few patches of flat-ish groomers, but mostly this was a day of spaced out bump skiing with lots of steep pitches on a firm base.

For November, it was great!!!

Day 1 5900m vertical

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