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Closing the Season at Whistler on Memorial Weekend

It’s mid-November 2015, we’re ensconced in Seattle, and despite the Godzilla El Nino, it’s snowing pretty hard in the Cascades. In fact, Whistler will open in 2 days 🙂 We might be skiing soon.

All this growing excitement reminded me that in the move West over summer I forgot to wrap up last season’s story. Mt Bachelor, our usual Memorial weekend gig, closed two weeks earlier. It was seriously bad year out West. Luckily, up high at Whistler was open and not horrible. It wasn’t great either, to be honest, with ribbons of slush that any East Coast micro ski hill would’ve been proud of on the run outs to Emerald and Franz’s chairs.

Whistler Whistler Whistler Whistler Whistler

It was a bit better off the Peak coverwise, but emerging rocks and glue by noon made it tough going. In fact, the slushathon off the Emerald chair was the best afternoon option, and I don’t think we made it past 3pm.

Ah well, it was skiing. At Whistler this is rarely grim with all the other options to entertain. And it certainly wasn’t busy. But I do hope it’s going to be better this year. I really do.

6,200m, 6100m, 5800m vert

Final Season totals: 59 days, 472,o00m vert, 12 powder days


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