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Mid February skiing in the Mid Atlantic – Seven Springs and Wisp

The skiing near Pittsburgh might not be epic, but (1) it is near, and (2) on a year like this with good snow and cold, it’s actually pretty good fun for small hill riding. In three days trips, two to Seven Springs and one to Wisp, we got the full spectrum of local ski conditions, luckily all on the pleasurable side.

First was a Spring like day at Seven Springs. The mountain was fully covered, creating plenty of options for off groomed excursions as the snow softened. Early the groomers were excellent, and by 10.30am it was hard not to wash, rinse, repeat the excellent bumps under the Gunnar chair. By 12.30, it was 55F and Spring-like glue moved in, A few more groomers and it was time to call it a day at 1.30pm

P1030713 (1024x679)A very frozen Deep Creek Lake at Wisp

After the thaw, three days later the freeze had set in pretty hard when we arrived at Wisp. This made all the off-groomed glacial, but amazingly the grooming crew had spruced up conditions to create some really fine corduroy. There wasn’t a bad groomer on the hill, and there was virtually no ice lurking underneath, so we just did a circuit of the mountain before lunch, and a circuit after, cruising every open run at least once. It was a really fun day.

The Wisp freeze was nothing compared to President’s Day Sunday at Seven Springs. It was literally Arctic – temperatures at the base of Gunnar didn’t rise above -10F until noon, and the strong northerly wind was creating windchills that would make an average  polar bear vaguely uncomfortable. It had snowed 6 inches in the last 24 hours and this gave the wind plenty of material to constantly redistribute during the day. All this had two very positive effects however for those who braved the cold. First, the groomers were almost western like, and stayed that way all day. Second, there was no one out. I skied on to every single one of the 36 lifts I caught that day. Thankfully. Standing around was not a pleasant proposition. Not bad for President’s Weekend 😉

Seven Springs 8100m

Wisp 5100m

Seven Springs 8500m

Season Totals 26 days, 192,200m vertical, 6 Powder days

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