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Cruising Seven Springs with the Sunday Crowds

Conditions at Seven Springs last Sunday were close to as good as they get in PA . The whole ‘mountain’ was covered and skiable, and amazingly  the best skiing was off the gun pow. In the trees off Gunnar. And under the lift on North Face. There were good turns to be had all day on an almost temperate winters day.

The only downside was the moderate weather and good snow brought out the crowds. The lines at the fast chairs were sizable by 10am, and didn’t relent until I left at 3.30pm. And with the comedy lift loading that goes on here – it’s like watching a Warren Miller movie – it’s rare that a ride up these chairs doesn’t stop twice while some clown is retrieved from falling off the chair or clicking their skis off. In that respect, the old slow lifts are just as fast. they crawl up, but have no lines and hardly stop, Ah well … a fun old ski day in PA

Sunday 7200m vert

Season Totals 20 days, 144,500m vertical, 5 Powder days




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