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2014-15 Season Kick-off at Okemo

The second season in the north-east USA for us, and the  second season that Day 1 has been in November in Okemo.  Can you have a tradition so soon? This year though there’s a lot more snow. The guns and even mother nature had contributed to there being 25 runs open all weekend. This was plenty of skiing for the first two days of the season.

Saturday was typically eastern firm pack with a sliver of hard pack lurking to keep you on your first day toes. Runs like Defiance and World Cup were excellent though, as were the groomers off the Solitude chair. It was mid-winter cold.

Sunday was ‘Spring in November’ skiing. 45F, and sunny from noon onwards, the skiing was an absolutely delight on soft, carvable snow. It even got slightly gluey on the runs near the base. Amazing weather, and in the afternoon we had the mountain to ourselves. The higher runs off the Green Ridge triple were skiing particularly well by then, with nice rollers to hit at high speeds and no one to dodge. It was a really fine ski day for November.

Importantly, the legs are moving now, the ankles rolling, the edges are sorta carving, and it feels like ski season again 😉

Sat 5100m, Sun 5100m

Season Totals: 2 days, 10,200m vert

One response to “2014-15 Season Kick-off at Okemo

  1. Deni November 27, 2014 at 9:13 am

    I like the pictures and the slopes also looks quite good, that we have only November

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