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Back to Snowshoe for the weekend

The weather in this part of the world is complex. In just 4 days Pittsburgh has oscillated from -30F with windchill to well over 50 degrees. Crazy stuff. It seems Snowshoe has been suffering a little from these wild temperature fluctuations, with a nasty rain storm rolling in Friday afternoon after the serious Arctic freeze. Despite the weather, for hardcore SWAPS* a forecast of rain diminishing by Saturday afternoon is enough to grab a last-minute slopeside bargain in the Mountain Lodge and head down after work on Friday.

Luckily (!) the forecast was spot on. By 1pm Saturday the rain was mostly gone, and so I headed out to check what was left by the watery ravaging the terrain has suffered. Thank Ulla for gun pow, as all the runs were well covered and apart from a few exposed glacial sections, the skiing was surprisingly decent. Off the gun pow, there was basically no snow. Not a sausage. Bugger all. Amazing stuff, that snow making – it’s saved winter.

With few people out (novices had gone out early, got soaked and given up), it was high-speed laps of anything with a fast chair. Top speed of 60.2mph (GPS measured) on Cupp Run was certainly fast enough for me.

A weird snow-like substance dropped out of the sky Saturday night, just a dusting, but at least it added some white to the off trail greenery. Skiing was solid early, but as the west winds alleviated and the sun came out, Sunday turned into a delightful, crowd-free day. Lower Shays was skiing really well considering, and we finished (reluctantly) at 2pm, with multiple fast laps of Widowmaker, carving trails of shaved-off gun pow under s deep blue West Virginian sky.

6900m, 8700m

Season Totals: 16 days, 124,800m vert

*SWAPS – Skiers With A Problem – Skiing


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