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Fog-and-Shrubbery-a-thon at Schweitzer, December 2013

It’s not been a stellar start to the season in the Pacific Northwest. Low-ish snow in the Cascades made us look further afield, where we discovered a 2/3rds open Schweitzer, tucked up in the Idaho Panhandle. And if you know Schweitzer, 2/3rds of that hill to ride is like 2/3rds of a Jeroboam of Penfold’s Grange to drink. Plenty for a weekend.

Saturday won the award for the foggiest day. Serious white-outs, which on steeps were as effective as Zaphod Beeblebrox’s peril sensitive sunglasses, Shrubbery was abundant on some runs too, providing excellent early season quick turn practice conditions 😉

There was some hellagood skiing to be had though. Groomers like Zip Down and Pend D’Oreille were like carving gelato, occasionally with a spruce tipped flavor. The steeps plunging off the ridge into north bowl – Australia, Shoot the Moon, Debbie Sue – had excellent coverage and the benefit of trees to provide definition in the fog. And despite the lack of visibility, K-Mac in the Lakeside Bowl was a fabulous plunge where your trust in the skills of the winchcat groomer guy had to be absolute.

It wasn’t a particularly photogenic weekend, but the video below gives a flavor of the fun we had.

Saturday 9300m, Sunday 8400m

Season Totals: 8 days, 65,400m vert




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