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Spring Skiing at Snowshoe

Spring is meant to sprung in the later half of March, but all that sprung at Snowshoe this year was a phenomenal amount of snow. Storm after storm rolled in, dropping more than 5 feet during the month and creating some superb conditions. No gun pow required, this was the real McCoy. Armed with our $199 season passes, the conditions were simply too good to resist, and we headed down for the last two weekends in March.

The rewards were two bluebird Spring ski days, a powdery blast from winter past and finally a somewhat soggy day that reminded us what time of year it really is. As on the West coast, crowds evaporate like tequila in a shot glass at this time of year as minds turn to golf, baseball and gardens. With no lift lines and fine weather, we ripped softening groomers, carvable bumps and the odd off-piste line between trees and under lifts where even a few powdery remnants could be found early each Saturday.

This’ll probably be our last Snowshoe blast this season. The lifts are running for one more week, but if the weather holds up north, we may explore new terrain next weekend. This impressive little mountain will drag us back next year though. After all, we’ve only had 6 days on our season passes so farm and they’re valid all next season. Quite a deal 😉

Saturday 11,700m, Sunday 7900m vert

Saturday 13,100m, Sunday 5300m vert

Season Totals: 60 days, 22 powder days, 550,600m vert


One response to “Spring Skiing at Snowshoe

  1. Ski WV September 6, 2013 at 5:56 am

    2013 was the first year that I had ever ski’d in April. It was awesome!!

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