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What a difference a month makes – Sunday at Seven Springs

Not much more than a month ago, we fought moderate crowds and stop-start lifts at Seven Springs on a cold February Sunday. It was skiing, and the downhill parts were fine, but today showed how much more enjoyable Seven Springs can be. Crowds approximated the number of Obama compliments on Hannity, with virtually every lift a straight ‘ski on’ affair. Once the Gunnar chair started, somewhat mysteriously late at 10.15am, the action got fast and occasionally furious¬† for the rest of the morning on the firmly frozen granular groomers. The locals weren’t venturing off groomed, where a patchy but respectable cover looked tempting, so we took heed and headed to lunch at 11.45am, just as the sun poked through the thin cloud layer for the first time.

By 12.30, the application of solar radiation had done it’s job. The thin cover of off-groomed hardpack had softened to a carvable consistency, making for some fun lines through tree debris, patches of grass and occasional glaciers that lay in the shade. All these obstacles simply added interesting navigational challenges, needing a little care to make sure you got to the lift without an unceremonious crash along the way.

All in all this was a fun day from the moment we scored $35 lift tickets in the parking lot to walking off the hill at 3.15pm with 36 runs under our skis. Without crowds and with decent snow cover, Seven Springs is well worth a visit.

Sunday 8400m vert

Season Totals: 56 days, 22 powder days, 512,600m vert


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