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Quick Visit To Silver Star

When the base is deep, the weather cold, the powder packed and chalky, and there’s mid-week January emptiness, Silver Star is a very desirable place to be.

Start with sustenance in Bugaboos, where the breakfast sandwiches are delicious and the coffee is Sydney standard. Then cruise the front side groomers to warm the legs and carve manicured pistes before the 9am ski school classes hit the slopes. The blue-marked bumpy glades off the Silver Woods chair are well worth a peek, holding good snow with their more northerly aspect.

By 10am, some warmth may be penetrating the intimidating terrain in the Putnam Creek area. Silver Star’s real gems lie here. Plunging, narrow snow-filled creek beds like Three Wise Men, Doognog and Spirit Bowl await, along with numerous other choices such as Freefall  to instill caution and even a little fear. There’s a fine selection of steep black groomers too, and even the odd blue run for those wanting a relaxing cruise. But with the Powder Gulch Express to whip you up 560 vertical meters in a few brief minutes, and sometimes more lifties than punters at the base, this isn’t a zone for those taking it easy. It’s exciting, thrilling terrain that can turn legs to jelly in just a few runs.

Silver Star is one of those mountains I feel I’ve acquainted rather than know. I must fix that one day, hopefully when snow is falling from the sky. This would be an amazing place on a powder day.

12,200m, 8900m vert

Season Totals: 42 days, 18 powder days, 394,300m vert


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