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Schweitzer snow, sun and vert-a-thon

Wind is such an influential sculptor of ski mountains. This can be especially true at Schweitzer where the wind, we like to call her Bree (Olson), whips snow off the back of the mountain to load the bowls, and drives storms into pockets of the mountain where deep stashes quickly build.

This is exactly what happened on Monday when we arrived. Constant snow during the day deposited a reported 3 inches. But around Stiles and Headwall, double this amount piled up due to Bree blasting snow into that corner of the mountain. This made for an afternoon of powder riding on a mostly deserted ski hill.

The snow continued into the early evening, ensuring the powdery fun persisted well into Tuesday. And then the temperatures slowly warmed to respectable levels (ie in the 20’s), and the sun came out. Bree kept blowing lightly, aiming her efforts at North Bowl, where the conditions remained primo all week. If you can’t get freshies, these conditions are an excellent second best. So we kept skiing, from open to close, with fast lift, no lines, great on and off groomed snow, and incredible weather. Beers at the end of the day were certainly well earned.

10,600m, 13,400m, 14,700m, 12,400m vert

Season Totals: 37 days, 18 powder days, 348,100m vert


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