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49 Degrees North weekend with the Desert Ski Club

Great snow and ski mountain, generous and fun ski buddies, frigid weather – a recipe for a fine weekend at 49 Degrees North. So few people ride this mountain that the remnants of Thursday’s 9 inches of pow were plentiful all day Saturday. But man, it was cold, hovering not much above the 8F low all day. The upside was the views, the deep blue skies and the sparking snow and ice crystals that floated in the air throughout the day. We rode the many tree shots all day long, lapping up soft fluffy piles of snow. And tracking down steeps and bumps, trying to keep warm.

Sunday was colder, cloudier and quieter due to NFL play-offs. It seemed like there were less people skiing than Stockport County fans at away matches. Conditions were slightly firmer where yesterday’s sun had shone, but with additional groomers and great snow in the West Basin, Cy Glades and Hole in the Wall,  our Desert Ski Club crew kept rocking all day long.

Saturday 7700m, Sunday 7900m vert

Season Totals: 33 days, 16 powder days, 297,000m vert


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