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More Mission Madness – is this really Mid-December?

And it just kept snowing. Pretty much all weekend. Persistent snow, falling cold and airy, added to Mission Ridge’s already impressive mid-December base. Maybe it was the frigid weather on Saturday morning, or maybe it was Xmas shopping? But for a day with 5 inches of some of the lightest snow I’ve seen in the Cascades, it was remarkably quiet even by Mission Ridge standards. A day for picking off fresh lines through the numerous tree shots that Mission has to offer, and for carving perfect, constantly refreshed groomers at very high speeds.

Sunday delivered 4 more inches overnight, but slightly warmer weather translated to slightly heavier snow. Nothing concrete-y by any means, but noticeably more dense when compared to the high quality goods of the day before. The skiing was still great though, and some Indiana Jones-like exploration discovered 4 or 5 new shots hidden in Mission’s extensively treed terrain. Drop-offs from traverses between Maggi’s and Lemolo concealed perfectly spaced, rarely skied trees, and following tracks into the trees near WaWa revealed turns that wouldn’t be out of place at Red Mountain or Crystal.

With Chair 4 terrain open, we finished each day with a traverse onto the top of the Castle Peak area. This steep and open treasure trove remains ridiculously untracked most days, and this weekend was no exception. It is runs like these, crashing through deep pow at 4pm, that make you feel as blessed as Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer. We’ll be back for more at New Year. Maybe even before.

Saturday 9000m, Sunday 8,700m

Season Totals: 12 days, 7 powder days, 101,400m vert


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