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Mid-December at Schweitzer

I’m always reluctant to call a powder day in the afternoon. But at 3pm we headed up the Lakeview triple, hooked hard left and picked lines next to the two steep winchcat groomed runs that plummet off the ridge line. Steady snow since mid morning, supplemented by a moderate wind depositing snow from Washington State into Schweitzer‘s South Bowl, had filled in tracks and added at least 4  inches of superb windblown pow. Like Mitt Romney since the election, no sign of the  morning’s variable crunchy snow was left. Just light blower billowing into our chests on every turn. It had to be a powder day.

The next day there was no doubt about a powder day. Depending on the aspect of the slopes, there was 4-6 inches of fluff to carve. And midweek, the competition for fresh lines was as intense as Arizona’s defensive line. The opening of the Great Escape chair for the season gave us the whole front side to play on, meaning innumerable lines and untracked options all day long. Some of the tree skiing was phenomenal, and unusually for Schweitzer, the runs served from the Sunnyside chair had some of the best snow on the mountain. And least tracked to, making for fine late afternoon options.

We were one day early for the Outback Bowl opening, but the constant bombing during the day gave away those intentions. I really wish I’d been feeling sick the next day …


Tuesday 8000m, Wednesday 10,300m

Season Totals: 10 days, 5 powder days, 83,700m vert


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