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Best mid-December at Mission Evah? Maybe …

Some snow was in the weekend forecast for the Cascades. But no one expected 38 inches at Stevens Pass on Friday night. Yep, 38 inches. I’m not sure if that would’ve been too much snow or not, given the chaos it likely caused. Regardless, the 11 inches that limped over the Cascades and settled on Mission Ridge by Saturday morning was enough for me. This was Mission at its best. Cold. Mostly clear. Light winds. Deep snow. And of course, no crowds. We lapped up pow all morning like a Scouser drinking breakfast beers. And we went back for more in the afternoon, skiing the last runs after 4pm in the growing dark. It was simply too good to stop.

Patti bongs fine wineTG and Jane at the top of LemoloMission Ridge

Jane and TG at the top of Mission Ridge Mission Ridge Mission Ridge views TG on Bath Tub fresh lines on Bath Tub a foot of freshies ;)





Sunday brought the other side of Mission to the fore. Wind. Lots of it, moving snow off ridges into the slopes and constantly refreshing tracks from run to run. It was cold. It slowed chairs. But man, the skiing was spectacular. Johnsons was a dream caked in a fresh layer of wind-blown every lap. And Lemolo kept delivering like a Mormon teenager. This time we escaped just before dark. But only just.

Saturday 8300m, Sunday 9000m

Season Totals: 8 days, 3 powder days, 65,400m vert


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