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Early December at Mission Ridge

Mission Ridge might get less snow than it’s Cascade neighbors, but it’s colder, drier, Eastern location means it holds the snow it gets, and rarely suffers major rain events. With a 21 inch base, most Cascade ski hills aren’t even open. In contrast, Mission was skiing darn fine on Saturday. About 50% of the terrain was open, and while the groomers were solid lower down, up high even the off-piste blacks around Lemolo and Maggi’s were well covered and skiing beautifully. While most local ‘skiers’ stayed home waiting for better conditions, we indulged in an excellent early season ski day.

Mission Ridge viewsJaneTrojan GurlTraojan GurlIwa Sushi in Wenatchee

P1020733 (611x1024)Mission Ridge viewsMission Ridge viewsIwa Sushi in WenatcheeIwa Sushi in WenatcheeTrojan Gurl

It was cold up thereTrojan GurlTrojan Gurl

Saturday night brought 6+ inches of pow, all the way down to the base. It also brought gusty winds, which made the main chair, Liberator, run as slowly as episodes of Greys Anatomy. Cold lift rides were easy compensated by some superb skiing. Fresh, wind blown and magically refreshing  snow blanketed the mountain. With so few people out and new terrain opening mid-morning, great turns were had all day long, with face shots available if you got the angle of the wind correct 😉

Undoubtedly one our best days at Mission Ridge. With a cold and snowy week predicted, we might well be back for more next weekend.

Saturday 8000m, Sunday 7700m

Season Totals: 6 days, 2 powder days, 48,100m vert

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