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Closing Weekend 2012 at Mt Bachelor

Friday May 25th at Mt Bachelor. 7 new inches overnight. It snows and blows all day, threatens briefly to warm up before noon, but like a Mitt Romney policy, the temperatures flip-flop and head south again, with the snow getting lighter. We snag fresh tracks on our last run at 2pm under the Outback chair. Yep, Spring skiing, Central Oregon style.

Saturday was hardly more Spring-like. Intermittent snow showers and cool temperatures in the morning kept everything in top condition. Silky wind deposited pow, and plenty of it, delivered some superb runs down the eastside in the snow-laden gullies of Cow’s Face. As usual, the Summit hike brought rich rewards, with endless routes down towards the Northwest Territories to share with 20 or so others.

Finally, Sunday presented something approximating Spring for closing day. Costumes were donned, wallets were lost, telebindings were broken on the Summit, and in between the madness, there was some superb skiing. Possibly the best was again on Cow’s Face in the afternoon. Sheets of ice, as treacherous as a night out with Joey Barton in the morning, softened to create a surface that skied like a semi-frozen slushy. It was weird, but a wonder to ski, even though the spray of water did soak my tights đŸ˜‰

We all caught the Summit lift just before the 2pm close and hiked to Bachelor’s top, where we hung out for a while, swigged Guatemalan brandy (!) and absorbed the amazing volcanic panorama of the Oregon Cascades for one last time this season. Then one final ripping top-to-bottom run – 3000 vertical feet is a fine way to bring a season to a close.

Friday 8200m, Saturday 8700m, Sunday 8100m vert

Season Totals: 71 days, 615,200m vert, 29 powder days


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