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Easter Weekend (and closing) at Schweitzer

Closing with a base of over 200 inches in early April? It’s a little crazy really. But that’s how it is at Schweitzer this year. Amazing conditions have prevailed all season, and the base has just kept growing. We even had several more inches on Saturday, during a day on which the weather fluctuated as wildly as emotions on The View. We skied steep, soft groomers, chutes filled with wind-blown fresh, bumpy, creamy tree lines and even some corn-like slush on the sunny Sunday afternoon.

No lift lines and fabulous conditions meant big vert each day. Luckily we discovered fantastic energy replenishment at La Rosa Club each evening. We needed it.

This has been one of Schweitzer’s best ever seasons. Our paltry 7 days up there is a little shameful, but that’s how the proverbial crumbles sometimes.They were 7 good ‘uns though. Two of them especially. Until next winter …

2 days: 12,300m, 10000m vert

Season Totals: 55 days, 454,000m vert, 27 powder days


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