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Spring … er mid-Winter Skiing at Mt Hood Meadows

The calendar may have shown early April, but at Mt Hood Meadows, winter’s grip resembled the hold that blonde female Fox News talking heads have on their audience. The forecast huge snowfalls and slightly-too-warm temperatures didn’t quite eventuate, but they were enough to keep the crowds down all weekend. This was a particular blessing on Sunday, when temperatures dropped and many inches of powdery delight accumulated during the day.

Saturday was more chunder than powder. But much chunder there was, and if you were judicious, some fine wind-blown chundery turns were to be had. The wind blew most of the weekend, but never as ferociously as is common on Mt Hood. Still, it was enough to close Cascade and Heather Canyon for the weekend, leaving limited terrain to play on. With so few people and constant snowfalls, it mattered little. There were untracked lines all Sunday afternoon. A deep April powder day.  You didn’t hear that on Fox News, so it must be true!

And this is what we get up to at lunch times, when sober …

2 days: 7800m, 7800m

Season Totals: 53 days, 431,700m vert, 27 powder days


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