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Posh people don’t ski pow – a week at Lech

It’s early March, the village is covered in snow so deep it looks like someone has been spraying a foam fire-extinguisher on it for weeks. Yep, the abundant Arlberg snowfall this year had dragged us back to our old Lech haunts, hoping for a dump or 3 in the 9 days we had to roam. As we hauled our bags to the hotel, dripping with sweat in the blazing afternoon sunshine, new snow didn’t seem likely anytime soon. Spring has sprung, and for 3 days we had classic freeze-thaw conditions, solid in the mornings, and fabulous corn snow in the afternoons. The sun even brought the crowds out on the weekend mornings. Mini lift lines at Zuers. Unheard off. Waiting for 3 minutes is a disgrace 😉

Winter though had only been resting. In the next 6 days we had two deep snowfalls, which effectively kept the well-heeled patrons in their luxurious half-board establishments. The first snow fall had some work to do to bind with the hardpack underneath, but if you chose carefully, there were fine turns to be had. Thursday’s storm restored the Arlberg to it’s magnificent best, creating enough freshies to last us all the way through Saturday. Friday was one of those majestic Lech days. Massive mountains caked in boot deep, dry pow, cold bluebird weather and the majority of folks skiing pistes. It’s really hard to ask for more sometimes.

9 days: 8500, 7600, 8000, 8700, 8000, 9300, 9400, 9200, 7600m vert

Season Totals: 49 days, 397,600m vert, 24 powder days


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