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Epic Schweitzer Powder Weekend

4 winters ago, we skied Schweitzer for an end of January weekend. Saturday was good, and Sunday was one of the best ski days of our lives. Deep, fluffy snow and light crowds – captured forever on YouTube. I didn’t think we’d ever beat that one at Schweitzer. I was wrong though. Here’s some photographic evidence …

It started snowing in Sandpoint about 9pm Friday night and finally stopped on the mountain, after depositing 35 inches, early Sunday afternoon. Saturday was vaguely busy in the morning, and the snow a little heavier than true powdery perfection. Avie control was the order of the morning, so while the hucksters lined up at the triple chair waiting for the bowl to open, we headed to Sunnyside where the wind had loaded the slopes with knee-deep blower. Three superb, ski movie-style runs, slicing through trees with snow flowing over our heads was the reward. As the mountain gradually opened up, we explored like Peter Griffin searching for an attention span, until our legs couldn’t take any more. Even the groomers had 6 inches of fresh – not a line of corduroy and it’s associated stress relief was sighted all weekend.

Sunday was a Saturday repeat, except the weather was colder, the snow lighter and deeper, and the crowds at Church. Hopefully the picture of the perfect powder day is emerging. Runs down Australia, Whiplash and Shoot the Moon into Outback Bowl were bottomless, almost dangerously deep in the tight trees that line the edges of these runs. There were more faceshots than a Bree Olson movie, lasting all day long. It was really quite a day – the best of the season, and probably one of my best ever.

9200m, 8900m vert

Season Totals: 40 days, 321,300m vert, 18 powder days


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