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Usual Mt Bachelor Delivery – Epic Pow


Mt Bachelor  can be a fickle old friend, especially in mid-winter. We prefer her sunnier, warmer Spring persona, when a deep base and corn snow make for unreal May conditions. In deep winter, like a night out with Courtney Love, anything can happen. And this February’s President weekend, it pretty much did. Blizzards, wind blasts, sunshine, we had it all. Every 20 minutes. Not even the serious windchill and low temperatures kept the holiday crowds down, but apart from Saturday morning, it was bearable. As was the snow. 6-10 inches Friday night, at least another 6 during Saturday, and temperatures that would chill the bones of your average Eskimo. Despite the hoards, it was a superb powder day, with cold temperatures delivering primo quality pow.

Sunday was even better. The sun made an unexpected winter appearance, the Northwest chair opened early, and the Summit opened mid-morning. The choices of knee-deep untracked lines increased  throughout the day as rapidly as Spring gas prices. We cruised the West Bowls and trees in deep, deep snow. After lunch we circumnavigated the cone a couple of times, dropping off the back, and finding amazing powder settled in the volcano-shaped gulleys. And we traversed the crater bowl through crazy wind blasted ice, cornice debris and blasted sludge before emerging into untracked pitches above the Northwest Chair.

All they need at Bachelor is to put in some 6-pack chairs and ditch the stupid variable priced lift ticket system (really!!). Then it’d be close to perfect, crazy weather and all.

7400m, 7700m vert

Season Totals: 38 days, 303,200m vert, 16 powder days


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