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A Soggy Silver Mountain weekend

A warmish, dampish weather front extended over the Pacific Northwest, leaving weekend ski options in any direction from Richland as compelling as a Republican candidate’s debate. Still, a somewhat soggy weekend in the mountains is better than a dank, dark weekend at home, so we cut our loses and headed to Silver Mountain, which was as enticing as anywhere weather-wise.

Saturday was foggy, skiing in a cloud. The savior was warm weather that softened everywhere, even making some of the off-groomed worthy of sampling. Sunday was pretty solid everywhere in the morning, in classic thaw-freeze style. But then it started snowing. Heavily. By 3pm, a modicum of sweetness was being restored to Silver, with a 2 inch coating of soft, creamy goodness. We left reluctantly, a lap of North Face Glades making it hard to take the gondola down.

Not a great weekend, but sure better than staying in the Tricities 😉

6400m, 6900m vert

Season Totals: 36 days, 288,100m vert, 14 powder days


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