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Waiting for La Nina to return at Mission Ridge

By the time we left the Mission Ridge parking lot on Sunday afternoon, La Nina was definitely back, turbo dumping snow well below the ski area base. Before her belated arrival, we had a fun night at the Wenatchee Roller Derby, and a cold, firm, fast ski day. Very cold actually, around -12C plus wind chill. It was groomer cruising mostly, along with excursions into the variable, but sometimes delightful wind blown powder that had been scattered Brownian-style by the previous day’s gale. Bomber Bowl was particularly welcoming for our first run of the season up there, and the protruding rocks were as avoidable as new episodes of Two and a Half Men.

With the weather forecast for the next week, I suspect Mission will be in rather fine shape by the time of our next visit (update – at time of posting, Mission has had a foot+ already since Sunday ;)).

Sunday 7000m vert

Season Totals: 24 days, 185,000m vert, 9 powder days


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