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More Sunny December Skiing

Sunny skiing in December. For most of the month. It’s kinda unheard of in the Cascades. But like Newt leading the Republic nomination, it’s a slightly unpleasant reality for some right now. Ok, so days like Hood Meadows on Friday can hardly be described as unpleasant. With 4 inches of fresh untracked off the Cascade chair, deep blue skies, and the Oregon Cascade volcanoes stretching out to the south, it was a rather glorious day. The sun had turned the pow to Mr Whippy Soft Serve by the time we got to the Cascade chair, but the overall snow quality was basically awesome all over the mountain.

It was a little firmer and less widespread at Mission Ridge today, but still sufficiently carveable to make for some fun, fast turns. A 10am start, 12 runs, lunch, and on the way home by 2pm is a seriously cruisey day, and I’m hoping it’ll be the last one of those for a while. With Xmas looming, we need new snow as badly as the Tea Party need a serious challenger to Mitt Romney. Xmas and New Year crowds need more space and terrain, especially off-groomed, to spread out and keep things less than crazy. So please La Nina, come back very soon. And blast BC so we can head up there for some deep, Christmas cold, smoke.

Mt Hood Meadows: 8500m, Mission Ridge: 6400m

Season Totals: 13 days,  94,200 vert, 3 powder days

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