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Pow and cold – Schweitzer in early January

I’m not sure why, but we always seem to hit Schweitzer for the first weekend after New Year. It might be something to do with quiet slopes and good deals on accommodations. But more likely, it’s because the snow is invariably in excellent condition. And with the reliability of Courtney Love rants,  this year was no exception.

Saturday’s snow report promised a mere 3 or so inches. But at closer inspection, it was nearer 6-10 in areas where the wind had worked its David Copperfield-like tricks. Cold weather kept everything in spectacularly good conditions, and we just lapped up pow and perfect groomers all day long.

We stayed in Sandpoint Saturday night. This has the advantage of many more food and drinks options than available at Schweitzer. Raw fish and microbrews have the same effect on us as Sirens on sailors, and Oishii‘s sushi and MickDuff‘s beer delivered the goods. As is normal after New Year, Sandpoint wasn’t exactly rockin’, but it was a fun night out.

Sunday unfortunately broke our nascent powder day streak. But biting cold weather must’ve swayed the locals’ ski v church decision in our favor, leaving the best groomers of the season and acres of wind-blown pow for us. By 3pm, and with a 20K vertical metre weekend under our bases, we headed home with a big smile on our faces.

2 days: 9700m, 10,300m vert
Season totals: 22 days, 9 powder days, 175,200m vertical

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