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Early December 2010 in the Cascades

La Nina is bringing the anticipated excellent early season conditions to the Pacific Northwest. This means we’re a little like Buffy surrounded by vampires, completely spoilt for choice. The first weekend in December Mount Hood Meadows was forecast for cold, benign weather after a major midweek dump. It all sounded perfect, and it was. Especially Saturday. Mostly sunny, no wind, the snow was a soft, packed power delight. The skiing off Cascade was quite epic, and at lunchtime Lower Heather Canyon opened for the first time this season. Long traverses to the left were richly rewarding …

This weekend we had tickets for Roger Waters’ Wall concert at the Tacoma Dome. Luckily Tacoma is quite near Crystal Mountain, making it a perfect pre-gig ski venue. Another snowy week set up a fine day. It then basically dumped all day long, which drove the crowds away for afternoon Xmas shopping expeditions, leaving the increasing deep pow for us. It wasn’t the lightest snow ever, more fluffy semolina than cold smoke, but that’s not unusual in the Cascades. It was a fine ski day indeed.

Hood Meadows, Saturday 8200m, Sunday 6900m

Crystal: 7000m

Season totals: 9 days, 3 powder days, 63, 000m vertical


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