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We’re off again – Ski Season 2010-11 is up and running

With the reliability of crazy quotes from Sarah Palin, the new ski season kicked off with good conditions the weekend before Thanksgiving. Timberline, Hood Meadows and Crystal were all open, with the draw of all the lower Timberline lifts being open winning our business.We were rewarded with light crowds, silky soft groomers and obstacles that were mostly easy to miss. Except perhaps for the odd out of control snowboarder. A surprising number of people ended their seasons unexpectedly early with rides in blood wagons. Ah well, there’s always next season, folks …

Normal service was also resumed for Thanksgiving with 4 days at Whistler. Conditions were decent upon arrival up mid-mountain, but with no more than a birthday cake-like frosting of snow in the village. 2 days of storms, bringing at least 18 inches to the village and much more up high, transformed the mountain by the time we left on Sunday. Run outs to both bases were open, and there was much hero-like packed powder to be found in between a few seriously slick trails. The only disappointment was that no alpine lifts were opened, and I suspect snow quality wasn’t the reason. Still, we had a pair of excellent powder days and lots of fun, as these photos of the crew hopefully show.

If La Nina keeps delivering like this, even Sarah Palin’s craziness won’t be able to keep up with the storm frequency 😉

Timberline, 2 days, 5200m, 5300m vertical

Whistler, 4 days, 7300m, 8100m, 8100m, 6900m vertical

Season totals: 6 days, 2 powder days, 40, 900m vertical

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