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Powlicious closing weekend at Whistler

For some reason the world seems to think there’s no snow at Whistler this year. It’s like imagining there’s no oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico, somewhat crazy and deluded. In fact it’s a near-record snowfall year. Snow as deep as the height of your average NBL player means it’s going to be a darn good spring.

This last weekend in April was Whistler’s swan song for the season. But even the last weekend of the Telus Festival and 4-6 inches of new snow failed to bring the crowds out on Saturday. All morning we skied Harmony, laying fresh lines in the amazingly light new layer of fresh that transformed the underlying frozen surface from solid glacier to a firm but comfortable mattress. Bob Dylan has made more albums than the number of people we saw that morning.

Fog and wind moved in by lunchtime, forcing us over to Blackcomb to shred the the tree-lined runs all afternoon. But by Sunday, the sky had cleared, a couple more inches of snow had fallen, and there was even less people on the hill. We lapped Harmony, on and off groomers, Sun Bowl, Little Whistler – it was all superb, mid-winter snow. Next was laps off the Peak, hitting the epic lines down West Bowl and the autobahn-like Upper Peak-to-Creek. A 3pm Peak-to-Garibaldi Lift Company topped off our Whistler skiing for the season, and an awesome day on this great mountain.

Saturday 9800m vert, Sunday 10,300m vert, Monday 6300m vert

Season totals:

65 days: 517,700m vert

21 powder days


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