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More Bachelor Spring Perfection

We missed Saturday’s May 1st blizzard, but I’m I’m happy to report Bachelor Spring skiing resumed as normal on Sunday. The groomers held in all day, the steeps into the Cirque and the runs off the Summit hike towards the Northwest chair were awesome.

Starting off smashing through the shards of carvable ice, the snow gradually softened as you lost altitude. First firm but epic wind blown powder, next sun-softened creamy pow. Finally – a new revelation for this year – once you dropped below the cat track from the top of Northwest (out of bounds last Spring), the prize was virtually untracked shin deep Ben and Jerry’s finest. The price was a slow cat track back to the base, but it was oh so worth it 😉

Sunday 6900m vert

Season totals:

66 days: 524,600m vert

21 powder days



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