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The Perfect Mt Bachelor Spring Skiing Weekend

Perfect weather. Perfect snow. The last weekend of full lift operations at Bachelor is the perfect opportunity to continually circumnavigate this huge snowy behemoth, picking off the progressively softening lines off the back of the summit.

All this was certainly too good an opportunity to miss in the mornings before the 5km cat track out starts to glue up. I even managed to drag a few friends with me (see pics below) to experience the full Mt Bachelor backside experience, as Iā€™m sure the locals must call it šŸ˜‰

Kathy Jan Bob ripping up the Cirque Emily having a solo Bachelor backside experience ;) Mt Bachelor Jan and Kathy shredding groomers off the Summit lift John tele-ing - a rare sight!! Bob in the backside ...

Saturday 11,600m vert, Sunday 11,300m vert

Season totals:

62 days: 491,300m vert

20 powder days


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