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Mid-February at Bachelor

A big crew, lots of snow, amazingly few people on the Northwest chair for President’s Day weekend, and you have a recipe for a high quality Bachelor ski weekend.

We skied nice pow on Saturday by traversing wide off Northwest, wallowing in untracked lines like a Hollywood starlets on a photo shoot. We skied fast groomers all weekend, dipped into trees and gullies, and even threw in some front side mayhem on Sunday afternoon. The weather was intermittently foggy, snowy, windy, and low down, damp – typical Bachelor winter weather. But always bearable. No way the Summit was going to open unfortunately.

A few downsides should be mentioned. First, the line for lift tickets Saturday morning was insane. Get more tickets sellers, folks – there were closed windows!

Second, the lift tickets pricing this season is simple, plain wacko. A matrix of weather/snow/lifts determines price. Look, I’m a PhD educated scientist and this is too much for me. Just charge a single price (maybe $59 – the mid level) all the time and make life easy. Strangely, the 2 and 3 multi-day tickets are a decent deal – why aren’t they advertised at the ticket window? I can only speculate.

We might not be locals and season ticket holders, but we ride anything from 6-10 days at Bachelor each year. And we buy food and beers, and stay in town and go out. It would be nice to get decent deals in winter – if we did, we’d be there more often, as the Bend/Bachelor combo is hard to beat in the Pacific Northwest.

2 days: 9400m, 7900m

Season totals:

33 days:251,900m vert

6 powder days


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