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Desert Ski Club trip to Silver Mountain

El Nino years don’t seem to be the kindest to Silver. The low-ish base of Chair 4 sits below the snow line just a little too often, meaning the runs down to Chair 4 base are sketchy and closed. When this happens, the hill doesn’t work so well. Add to this the closed North Face Glades, and I wasn’t expecting too much this weekend.

Like getting a strong espresso anywhere in the USA, pleasant surprises are always welcome. The base was better than expected. It snowed lightly most of the weekend. The crowds were small, especially on Sunday, when by the afternoon, conditions were becoming rather excellent. 3+ inches covered the mountains, with much untracked to be had. Another 12 or so inches and all wil be right at Silver.

Here’s a flippant view of the weekend …


2 days: 6200, 7300 vertical metres

Season totals:

27 days:206,500m vert

3 powder days


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