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Damp weekend – Mission Ridge to the rescue

I’m not sure if the weather we’re getting this winter is typical of a mild El Nino year or not, but it’s sure weird. Huge mid-November snowfalls, a two week Arctic freeze, a bit more snow and then warm, moist systems moving in across the Cascades. Luckily, Mission Ridge, being on the dry, cold side of the Cascades, looked likely to be spared the damp stuff, and maybe even pick up some new snow. So it was off to Wenatchee for the weekend.

Things didn’t quite turn out to plan. Saturday was a really fun day, shredding very fine soft groomers in a mix of swirling cloud, a little dampness and a building ridge top breeze. Only about half the mountain was open, but there were few people around, leaving plenty of room for fast, carved turns.

The promised snow didn’t appear for Sunday morning, and unfortunately there was a vague hint of drizzle and fog to greet us in the parking lot. It got warmer, dryer, colder, snowier, rained, and by about 2pm a vague approximation of a blizzard arrived. Classic Cascades weather I guess. Still, we got much better weather than that reported from friends at various other Washington and Oregon ski hills, so chalk up another one for following the weather and deciding on a destination at the last moment. It works most of the time. Hopefully though winter will return with vengeance and options will be somewhat better!

Saturday 8200m, Sunday 4800m vertical

Season totals:

8 days:50,800m vert

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